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We are excited to announce APHE’s "Educator's Choice” awards are back! APHE invites you to vote on the most outstanding in our field.  This year's ballot includes organizations, programs, and folks that lead and inspire.  

The categories are meant to showcase the hard work and dedication of our finest thought-leaders, ambassador animals, and organizations, while keeping the community informed with the latest and greatest.  

Important to note: These awards are not reflective of APHE's opinions but are exclusively selected and voted on by you, the community! Your voice matters in recognizing excellence. Thank you to everyone that participated in the nomination portion of this year's awards process. 

Awards Process:

  • 1 year free APHE membership 
  • Spotlight on APHE’s Educator's Choice webpage (click to view past winners)
  • APHE's Educator's Choice 2023 badge to add to your own webpage or email signature
  • Announcement at the 2024 APHE National Conference

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